Sinn Fein must tell truth about IRA sex abusers

SDLP MLA Colum Eastwood has challenged Sinn Fein to reveal all sex abusers protected by the IRA.

Mr Eastwood told the Assembly he was  “shocked and saddened” that Sinn Fein had not admitted there was a cover-up of the abuse of Maíria Cahill or apologised to the victim.  Ms Cahill told the BBC's Spotlight programme last month that she had been raped by alleged IRA member Martin Morris in 1997, when she was 16. Mr Eastwood said that Sinn Fein's subsequent denial of the abuse was followed up by a character assassination of Ms Cahill unleashed by “nameless internet trolls . . . like something out of an MI5 playbook”. Mr Eastwood added: “Sinn Féin and the Provisional movement need to take the next available opportunity to say that they believe Maíria Cahill's full account of her abuse and the cover-up. In fact they need to say it about all the other victims in Derry, in Belfast and in communities across the North. “They need to come forward and tell the communities in Donegal, Louth and Monaghan who the abusers are and where they are. Are they, like some others have been, working for community organisations or working for youth clubs? Are there still people in our communities whom people know to be child abusers and rapists who have been let run free to work freely in our communities? People with knowledge of those issues need to come forward fully, openly and transparently and tell the truth because this issue is not going away.” 

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