SF using equality as tactic

SDLP MLA for Foyle Colum Eastwood has said that Gerry Adams’ remarks in Fermanagh have revealed Sinn Féin’s strategy of only using an equality agenda as a tactic to break their opponents.

“Gerry Adams’ remarks were very telling. While some might focus on the swearing that is not the most significant part of his contribution.

“All politicians know that language has the ability to hurt and offend so the onus is on us as elected representatives to hold ourselves to a higher standard. That’s why it is so difficult to listen to the faux outrage from Gregory Campbell who has spent his time repeating insults to the Irish language community.

“It is rare for Gerry Adams’ mask to slip. It is obvious that he is under serious pressure. The consistent bravery of Mairia Cahill and the groundswell of support for her across the island is obviously taking its toll as are the reported revelations that the IRA, with Sinn Féin knowledge, have moved abusers across jurisdictions.

“Gerry Adams said very clearly that Sinn Féin is using the principle of equality as a tactic. When he said that equality was a ‘Trojan horse of the entire republican strategy’ Adams revealed that Sinn Féin is not interested in promoting an equality agenda because it is the right thing to do but rather because it can ‘break’ their opponents. Adams has confirmed that Sinn Féin see equality as a part of their political project.

“The SDLP believe in equality as principle not a tactic. We have been consistent in this belief and all of our work since the foundation of the party has shown this principle in action. The SDLP will continue to strive for equality for all, not just those who agree with or support us.”