Roaming fees abolition delay 'unacceptable'

SDLP MLA Colum Eastwood has said delaying the abolition of mobile phone roaming charges is wholly unacceptable.

Mr Eastwood said the decision by European Union governments to put the abolition of charges on ice until at least mid-2018 has caused anger and dismay among consumers in the North West.

“Roaming charges are unfair to consumers and the EU recognised that fact in introducing long overdue legislation to abolish them. This move by the governments of member States to water down the legislation and delay the abolition of charges is wholly unacceptable.

“Customers in Derry, Donegal and other border areas continue to be charged shocking amounts of money due to inadvertant roaming caused when phones pick up signals from masts across the border.

“Many people in the border area have had to put up with inflated phone bills for far too long simply because of where they live.”

Mr Eastwood added: “Nothing less than the elimination of roaming tariffs by the end of 2015 was acceptable to the European Parliament and it is wrong on every level for the EU governments to oppose the legislation which it voted for.

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