No more delays on Derry residents' parking schemes – Eastwood

SDLP MLA Colum Eastwood has called on the Department of Regional Development to stop dragging its heels on the introduction of resident-only parking schemes in Derry.

Mr Eastwood made the comment following a series of delays in the introduction of a pilot residents' parking scheme at Rossville Street.

Progress on plans for a number of similar projects in the city - including streets in and around the Magee campus area – is dependent on the successful introduction of the Bogside pilot. However, in a series of answers to assembly questions tabled by SDLP MLA Colum Eastwood, DRD Minister Danny Kennedy has revealed that the introduction of the pilot has been pushed back several times in the past year.

Mr Eastwood said: “In January of last year the minister told us that the introduction of the Bogside scheme was anticipated in October. In October he told us the pilot initiative should be delivered in the Spring. Now he's telling us that the 'implementation process to deliver the scheme' could commence in Spring 2015.

“The people who live in Rossville Street, the streets surrounding Magee campus and in other areas identified by DRD as being in need of residents' parking schemes are fed up waiting. To them it seems the schemes have themselves been parked by the minister. They have had to put up with not being able to park near their own homes for far too long. I would call on minister to ensure the department stops dragging its heels on this and delivers on the pledge to end the parking misery of residents.”

Mr Eastwood added: “I have called on the minister to explain why these important initiatives have not been moved forward with the efficiency the residents deserve.”


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