Hooded men appeal welcomed

SDLP Foyle MLA Colum Eastwood has welcomed the decision of the Irish Government to petition the European Court of Human Rights to reopen the Hooded Men case.

The Irish Government made the move following the discovery of evidence that was not considered by the court during the original proceedings.

Mr Eastwood said: “The treatment of these men at the hands of agents of the British State was clearly appalling. The European Court of Human Rights made that clear in the original judgment which branded the use of five techniques by the British Army as inhuman treatment.

“The decision of the court has, however, drawn criticism from those of us who consider physical abuse, the deprivation of food, water and sleep as a means of interrogation as torture.

“I lobbied the Irish Government and I’m pleased that they have decided to petition the court to reopen this case. It offers an opportunity to again expose the techniques used by British State Agents, and techniques that are still being used by the British and Americans internationally as interrogation techniques despite the judgment of Human Rights Courts.

“These men were used as guinea pigs for torturous interrogation techniques that have been used throughout the world. It was inhuman in 1971 and in remains inhuman today. I look forward to the Court’s determination.”


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