Derry not 'ripping back' out of Culture year

SDLP MLA Colum Eastwood has criticised DUP MLA Nelson McCausland for suggesting that Derry is 'ripping the back' out of its City of Culture year.

Mr McCausland has questioned the continued funding of arts projects established during 2013 in Derry, adding: 'how long are they going to last'.

Mr Eastwood said: “By making such comments it appears that Mr McCausland has failed to grasp the very meaning of legacy which by definition is a lasting spin-off.

“As mayor I was heavily involved in the bid for City of Culture designation for Derry and the most important aspect of that was always the promotion of a positive legacy for the city.

“If anything Derry City of Culture legacy has been underfunded through the failure of the Culture Minister to live up to promises made during 2013.

“It's incredible that Mr McCausland, a former Culture Minister himself, can fail to understand the vital importance of the supporting legacy projects to maximise the full benefit of Derry's City of Culture year for many years to come.

“It is apparent that Mr McCausland does not realise or for some reason does not want to acknowledge the importance of that legacy for Derry.”



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