How much Culture legacy money for Coleraine?


To ask the Minister of Culture, Arts and Leisure to detail the (i) City of Culture Legacy projects that will be funded by the £1m allocation in the October Monitoring Round in (a) Derry; (b) Dungiven; (c) Coleraine; (d) Limavady; and (e) Strabane; and (ii) funding allocated to each project.


I have secured an additional £3.8m to support a Cultural and Sporting Programme in the North West in this financial year. This includes allocations of £1m for resource and £2.8m for capital.

The resource programme includes a suite of projects which take forward key strands of the City of Culture 2013 Cultural Programme and seeks to maintain momentum in community cultural activity, capacity building and key events in Derry. It also seeks to extend the momentum, learning and networks established as part of 2013 to the wider North West, with support for key cultural events in Coleraine, Limavady, Strabane and Draperstown.

The strategic interventions supported by this programme have been selected because they present opportunities to build on the success of City of Culture 2013 and deliver long term sustainable impacts.

DCAL’s support will be allocated and spent by March 2015, however, the Programme is designed to create a lasting impact for communities in need.

As business cases for the programme are still being finalised, I will be making further announcements in due course.


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