89 jobs promoted, how many created?


To ask the Minister of Enterprise, Trade and Investment, pursuant to AQW 13354/11-15, to detail (i) the companies responsible for promoting 89 jobs in the Foyle constituency in 2011/12; (ii) the timescale for creating these jobs; (iii) the number of these jobs created to date; and (iv) when the remainder will be created.


One Stop Data was responsible for promoting one job in the Foyle constituency in 2011/12. Information relating to job creation is commercially sensitive at business level while a project is still ‘live’.  Therefore, the information requested for One Stop Data will only be made publicly available once the project is complete and the control period has ended.Information on the remainder of the promoted jobs is not yet in the public domain and, as such, I am not yet at liberty to disclose the names of the companies involved.

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