Road and rail access

Colum's is a leading voice in the campaign for the delivery of long-promised transport system upgrades linking Derry to Belfast and Dublin.

His determination is to ensure the Stormont leadership grants the investment pledged for the A5 and A6 road projects, and progresses the refurbishment of the rail link between the North''s two main cities withou further delay.

He believes it is imperative that the A6 is upgraded to proper intercity dual carriageway standards as a priority to facilitate Derry in achieving its economic potential as the North's second city.

He believes that improved connectivity between Derry and Dublin with the dualling of the A5 will ensure that the North West economic sphere is broadened to include the totality of the island.

The completion of the upgrades which have been pledged for many years will massively improve travel times, increase road safety and create much needed constrution jobs. Most importantly the A5 and A6 dual carriageways will stimulate vital economic growth and renewal in the North West.

Colum is at the heart of the drive for rail infrastructure improvements to reduce train journey times between Derry and Belfast and the refurbishment of the old Waterside station.