Equality and victims

The promotion of equality, social justice, reconciliation and the protection of human rights are central to Colum's work.

These principles, which were integral to the founding philosophy of the SDLP, help guide Colum's political decision making.

He is proud to stand up for the rights of all in our society, regardless of sex, race, ethnic or social origin, language, religion or belief, disability, age or sexual orientation.

Colum will continue to work tirelessly to ensure Northern Ireland is a welcoming and safe place for migrant workers. He and the SDLP want to see all workers respected as equals and benefit equally under the law.

Colum continues to champion human rights in the Assembly to advance the further development of a rights-based democratic culture in the North. He is a member of the All-Party Working Group on Ethnic Minority Communities.

He and SDLP have battled for a strong Bill of Rights for Northern Ireland. He remains convinced that a Bill of Rights can support the common ground that does exist in our society, and provide protections and principles upon which we can agree despite our differences.

Colum has pledged to keep working to ensure that a Bill of Rights and other key rights won through the Good Friday Agreement are fully delivered and implemented.