Colum is committed to his party's campaign for the highest environmental standards to manage the many pressing demands on our environment: climate change, land use change, habitat destruction, pollution and waste disposal.

He shares the view that climate change management must be accelerated in Northern Ireland to protect our environment. He believes that jobs can be generated by shifting from our present dangerous and expensive over-reliance on imported fossil fuels.

As a member of the Assembly's Environment Committee, Colum is continually striving for real economic incentives to exploit our natural advantages - wind, water, afforestation - in potential renewable resources to out-perform EU targets and provide employment through technologies our region can lead in.

Colum is committed to an all-island waste strategy with stronger prevention measures and including innovative strategies and incentives that will underpin the recycling market.

The SDLP has maintained pressure for an independent, all-Ireland Environmental Protection Agency to improve government and private sector accountability, and in recognition of the fact that pollution, waste and habitat destruction know no borders.

Colum is a member of the All-Party Working Group on European Environmental Regulations, Directives and Decisions.