Colum is fighting to ensure Derry is not only at the heart of Ireland's history but at the centre of its economic success.

He believes that for too long the city has been on the fringe of the island's economic expansion.

Derry has some of the highest unemployment support claimants and lowest rates of pay on these islands and Colum is working to secure the creation many more, better paid  highly skilled jobs in his home city.

Colum is determined to ensure that Government delivers the stimulation needed to grow an economy where employment flourishes.

His vision is a job creation boom kick-started by improved road and rail infrastructure, the expansion of our university, the regeneration Fort George and Ebrington, the establishment of a cross border enterprise zone and investment in skills.

Colum is all too aware that Derry continues to suffer but that need not be the case with some positive discrimination to off-set the decades of nelect.

He is proud that Derry with its renewed optimism and tradition of hard work has much to offer international investors. He believes it is up to us all to help deliver the clear message that Derry is THE place to do business by ensuring the Stormont leadership, the Executive and Invest Northern Ireland give city its rightful place at the top of the job promotion agenda.